CNC Molds

At Norstar we use the latest technology to manufacture molds to our customers' highest standards.

Large Complicated Molds

Neither size nor complexity have prevented us from supplying the right mold for the job. We are the go-to company for tough jobs.

High Quality Mold Surfaces

Discerning customers demand a lot more than shape in a mold. Surface appearance is just as critical as size and shape.


When selling retail, producers need to be sure of the quality of the product. It all starts with a quality mold.

Specialty Tanks

When functionality demands a complicated shape, Norstar’s technicians can be depended upon to deliver the mold that works.


This is where functionality meets performance requirements. Everything is critical and is only possible with a quality mold.

Complete Pattern Making

Complicated project that require complicated molds all start with a complicated pattern. Our skilled pattern technicians can handle even the most difficult challenges.

Military Grade Marine

Demanding in every way, this project put all our skills to the test. The result was one fine project.


This is what makes us stand out. Our ability to utilize a variety of technologies and experienced technicians allows us to deliver molds such as this.